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Urology & Andrology




The word Andrology literally means study of the human male (Andro = male; logy = study of). However, in clinical setting, Andrologistsare doctors who look after the sexual health of an individual. There are two main divisions of Andrology – Infertility and Impotence (now known as erectile dysfunction). Many persons are shy of specialized ‘sex’ clinics. It is for this reason that, at Ghai Hospital, we provide a combined service of urology and andrology. Perhaps the most significant contribution of medical therapy (ie use of drugs to treat sexual dysfunction) has been that it has got the problem out of the bedroom and into the drawing room. People now realize that sexual dysfunction is a disease like any other disease in the body and that treatment is now available in almost all cases. At Ghai Hospitals a very scientific approach is used to determine the nature and extent of the problem. For treatment, an entire range from counseling to medical therapy to surgical treatment (including penile prosthesis) is available under one roof. Thus tailor made therapy can be offered to patients suffering from sexual dysfunction. Both male and female sexual dysfunction are treated in an individualized manner.